Female masturbation and Sex toys in India

Female masturbation and Sex toys in India

Masturbation is the method in which men or women can stimulate their own genital area with the help of their own hands, fingers, home object or sex toys. The sex toys which people used during the masturbation are called the masturbator toy. While doing the masturbation, some of the women use their own hand whereas some of the women prefer the masturbator toys. The female masturbator toys is different from the male masturbator toys. While doing the masturbation women can rub or press their genital area such as clitoris, vulva with their index or middle finger. Women can also use the vibrating masturbator toys during masturbation.

Now a day, most of the Indian people use the sex toys during sexual activity. Normally sex toys are banned in India but Indian people purchase it from online store. In Indian some of the sex toys are legal whereas some of the sex toys are illegal. The legal and illegal of the sex toys are depend on the packet of the sex toys. If the packet of the sex toys contain any genital area image then it is illegal in India otherwise it is legal in India. In year 2016 the demand of sexual item in India increment by half while in 2017 it increments by 32%. Expected demand of the sexual item in 2020 is 81% more than today.

Use Sex toys when masturbating for female

Use Sex toys when masturbating for female

During masturbation, women can use the different types of sex toys to satisfy their sexual need when they are alone. With the help of sex toys women can easily reach the orgasm during masturbation. The vibrating sex toys provides the more unique and pleasure feeling during the masturbation. Some of the vibrating sex toys are design in such a manner that at the same time it stimulate the women's vagina, anal and clitoris. The vibrating masturbator toys are either battery operator or USB rechargeable. It depends on women which type of vibrator toys she prefer.

Sex toys that can be used when masturbating

Sex toys that can be used when masturbating

In the market different types of sex toys are available which women can easily use during the masturbation. The different types of masturbator toys which women used are anal toys, vibrator, breast or nipple toys, vagina penetration toys, dildo etc. Women can use these masturbator toys for different purpose.

Women can use the different types of anal toys during masturbation to stimulate the anal. Women can insert the anal toys into her anus during masturbation for pleasure feeling. The anal toys are of different types. The most common anal toys which women can used are anal beads, butt plug, anal dildo etc. Women can also apply the personal lubricant during anal masturbation.

During masturbation, women also use the different types of vibrator. The vibrator masturbator toys have varieties of vibration function and speed. Some of the vibrator masturbator toys are only used for internal stimulation, some of the vibrator masturbator toys are only used for external stimulation whereas some of the vibrating masturbator toys are use for both internal as well as external stimulation. With the help of breast or nipple toys, women can stimulate their breast and nipple.

How do you use it?

How do you use it

Before using the female masturbator toys, it is important for women to read the instruction which is given in the instruction manual. It is necessary for women to clean the masturbator toy before using it, to make it free from germs and bacteria. To clean the masturbator toys, women can use the water, toy cleaner or antiseptic soap. After cleaning the masturbator toy, women can apply the personal lubricant. Women can apply the personal lubricant on the surface of the masturbator toys, so that it becomes slippery and does not make any pain during intercourse. Women also apply personal lubricant near the genital area to reduce the friction.

Now women can easily apply the masturbator toys near the genital area. She can insert the masturbator toys into her vagina or anal. If women are using the vibrating masturbator toys then they should always start the vibration function with low speed and once women can get comfortable, she gradually increase the speed. It provides enhance pleasure during the sexual activity. Women can easily change the vibration function and speed during masturbation. After completing the masturbation, women should clean the masturbator toys and store it for further use.

Where do you buy everywhere?

Where do you buy everywhere

Women can purchase the masturbator toys either from the shop or from the online store. In many countries sex toys are banned, so women can purchase it from online store. There are many e-commerce site which offer the varieties of masturbator toys. It depends on women whether they purchase the masturbator toys from shop or from online store.

Most of the women does not feel comfortable or they feel embarrassed to purchase the masturbator toys from shop. So they purchase the masturbator toys from online store. Now a day most of the e-commerce site becomes famous which offers the different types of sex products. The e-commerce site sold the sex products under the categories of cosmetic products or health products.

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